Strategic Partnership for commercial development of medical imaging solutions on the African continent

Pristem SA has entered into strategic partnership with Glosya Sarl in order to define and implement a comprehensive deployment strategy for its medical imaging solutions across Africa.

The provision of such apparatus is much needed, and carries huge promise throughout the Continent. The establishment, however, of effective distribution channels and after-sales service networks constitute essential pre-requisites if this rapidly expanding market is to be sustained and attain its full potential.

By virtue of the new partnership, Pristem and Glosya will be well placed to address the current severe lack of adequate technical, commercial and operational infrastructure in a comprehensive and fully integrated manner.

Glosya_PartnersIndeed, Glosya brings together a multidisciplinary team of prominent Swiss and African entrepreneurs with far-reaching experience in both the private sector and with leading international organisations. Their fields of expertise include the domains of health, finance, international business law, media and information technology. The company’s vocation is to create new opportunities in African markets for Swiss businesses and institutions and help them successfully establish their presence on the Continent. To this end, Glosya works closely alongside its clients at every stage of the process, offering on-going advice and support with respect to both installation and, as required, on-going commercialisation.

from left to right, top: Dr. Suketu Naik, Medical Partner;
Bernard Stoessel, CEO & Financial Partner; Eric Vazey, Legal Partner.
bottom: Pietro Bongiovanni, IT Partner; Thierry Dime, Media Partner;
Pascal Schneiter, Partner, International Organisations.

As Pristem’s engineers advance the various stages of industrialisation, technical clearance and production, Glosya will be working in parallel to secure the optimum financial and commercial partners needed to ensure viable deployment. Whilst the first focus will be on Africa, they will further begin exploring the potential of Asian markets. In both regions, this will involve the creation of distribution networks and promotional strategies directed at private radiology practitioners and clinics as well as hospitals and other public health facilities.

In this way, Glosya complements the strong industrial proficiency of Pristern by providing targeted intelligence and expertise on the commercial, logistical, legal, contractual and regulatory aspects specific to each given market. Its in-depth knowledge of the African continent coupled with – one of its key strengths – an extensive network of reliable and efficient partners enable it to take into account particular local factors that may be unfamiliar to new investors.

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CEO Glosya Sàrl
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