Dr. Klaus Schönenberger, MT, PhD
Chairman of the Board, co-founder

Klaus Schönenberger obtained an MS in Microengineering (1993), followed by a PhD (1996) from EPFL. After a post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, he spent over 10 years in the medical devices industry in leading positions such as Vice-President of Worldwide R&D in a $100m company and Global Vice-President of Research and Technology in a $1bn company. He has supervised the launch of over 25 electro-medical devices on the market and filed 23 patents. In 2009 he started-up the EssentialMed Foundation, an innovative non-profit venture, which he is now leading as its CEO. In 2011, he joined EPFL to initiate and lead EssentialTech, a program aimed at developing technologies and business models adapted to the context of low-income countries. He is currently leading several pioneering projects under the EssentialTech umbrella in various areas such as an infant incubator for developing countries, and two projects in the area of viral diseases such as Ebola. The flagship project of EssentialTech is project GlobalDiagnostiX: designing and deploying an appropriate digital x-ray imaging system and business model for developing and emerging countries. He also proposed and led the creation of a research center in Cameroon jointly operated by EPFL and the Polytechnic Institute in Yaoundé.

Stephen Rudy, BA, M.B.A.

Stephen Rudy has been CEO and VP S&M of several Medtech companies in the USA.

He has worked in the medical technology field since 1984 when he joined a device division of Eli Lilly. Since then he hold executive positions in a number of start-ups, two of which had successful IPOs and were later acquired by Medtronic and Olympus. Two others were acquired while still private.

In 2011 Stephen was rercuited to become the founding CEO of Gradian Health until 2020. During this period, Gradian successfully deployed several hundred units in Africa (anesthesia machines & mechanical ventilators designed for hospitals with weak infrastructure and paraprofessional clinical providers)

Stephen joined Pristem Board of Directors in 2020.