Breaking the boundaries of Xray imaging
Game-changing Xray system
Intuitive & advanced graphical user interface
Network of diagnostic centers closer to patients
e-Health platform for a new service model

Our Mission

To decrease the burden of diseases by providing equitable access to affordable, extremely reliable and innovative medical imaging services.

  • Xray imaging is one of the most essential tools to diagnose trauma, major infectious and noncommunicable diseases. Therefore, it is an important pillar in any healthcare system. The lack of access to this technology affects 5 billion people in the world every day.
  • To address this global health challenge, Pristem has created an affordable, comprehensive Xray solution including an advanced technology to operate wherever radiology is needed.
  • Pristem is changing the landscape of medical imaging by providing access to medical imaging services to populations in underserved regions, globally.


Extremely robust Xray system for easy access to radiology anywhere in the world.

With Xray imaging accounting for 60% of all medical imaging exams performed, Cristalix-T1 is the ideal Xray solution for high throughput medical environments, even in the most challenging parts of the world.

Cristalix-T1 is a general-purpose radiographic system with reviewing capabilities to be used in a wide variety of medical imaging applications.

Highly efficient, intuitive to use and reliable, Cristalix-T1 allows the operator to easily and safely acquire high quality images and concentrate on patient care.

Swiss Engineering

Device Cutout
Device with monitor
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High quality imaging
Easy to operate
Extremely robust
Works anywhere
Connected system
High throughput

User manual available here soon

Graphical user interface

Intuitive graphical user interface providing guidance for successful Xray exams.

CristaliXimaging is a comprehensive radiology software developed with Xray operators and radiologists. Its extremely intuitive graphical interface helps the operator optimize the exam workflow.

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Over 100 built-in tutorials & guidance

Guides the operator to successfully perform Xray examinations.


Straightforward integration in any DICOM environment

Can be integrated to existing local structure or connect to Cloud-based PACS/RIS.


Dedicated remote monitoring

To supervise hardware technical status and usage statistics.


Integrated, secure data management system

Crash-proof, dual-disk data storage (2X512Gb), over 10’000 images of storage and related studies’ data.


Virtual Terminal application

Allows web access to CristaliXimaging system’s data with built-in DICOM viewer.

Diagnostic centers

Bringing healthcare closer to patients.

Network of diagnostic centers in the most remote parts of the world.
  • Decentralized network of centers a short distance from patients.
  • Machines can be operated by a wide-variety of medical professionals.
  • Remotely connected to qualified radiologists for diagnosis.
  • Same-day diagnostic reports.
  • Affordable and highly accurate exams.
Our World-class diagnostic centers are designed for the following applications:
Primary healthcare
general prescriptions
Emergency medicine
injuries, fractures
Infectious diseases
Tuberculosis, pneumonia, COVID-19
Screening campaigns
to prevent or identify possible outbreaks

e-Health platform

e-Health platform to maximize the efficiency of our radiologists and operators.

  • Cloud solution seamlessly connecting radiologists, physicians, patients and payers.
  • Secure medical data management.
  • Data collection for epidemiological & impact statistics.
  • Remote monitoring and support for optimal device usage.
  • e-Learning for continuous development.
  • AI ready platform.

Sustainable impact

Pristem is dedicated to deliver true positive and sustainable impact for healthcare and social concerns.

Health Impact

Pristem’s innovative Xray device and diagnostic centers directly improve the lives of underserved populations by bringing medical imaging services closer to patients. Pristem contributes to the reduction of mortality and morbidity of chronic and communicable diseases.​

Social Impact

Pristem’s deployment brings benefits in terms of inclusive and decent employment. By recruiting and training local people, Pristem will increase the number of trained healthcare professionals in radiology. ​

Long-lasting impact  

The robustness of the new Pristem Xray system will allow the Diagnostics Centers to remain operational, despite challenging climatic contexts and frequent power failures, especially in developing countries.​


Pristem is currently working towards the Bcorp certification, aiming at the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.​


200 years’ experience in innovation, operations and radiology.

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