Based on Swiss-quality equipment and a team of highly skilled and trained radiologists, our medical diagnostic centres provide world-class diagnostic services for primary healthcare and infectious diseases screening1.

Our unique technology and process make possible to provide very high-quality diagnoses at low price and quick turnaround times.

Please stay tuned for further details about the opening of our next diagnostics centres and chest clinics close to you.

What makes us different in the medical diagnostic services industry:

  • Our decentralized network of diagnostic centres will prevent you from traveling long distances to get high-quality medical care
  • We ensure reliable and uninterrupted services in most conditions (power outages, load shedding, harsh climatic conditions, etc.)
  • You’ll get diagnostic reports without waiting for too long, generally within no more than one hour thanks to our fully digital and seamlessly connected workflow
  • Our centers are remotely connected to qualified radiologists based in one of our central medical reporting centres
  • Our Cloud-based solution allows immediate diffusion of medical data to all shareholders (prescribing doctors, specialists, etc.), as well as access to past studies for a better perspective of the situation and evolution
  • You don’t risk to get data lost or corrupted thanks to the best standard in digital data management


Our centres offer X-ray imaging diagnosis for:

  • Early identification of infectious diseases, acute respiratory illness (ARI) or other pulmonary disorders (e.g. tuberculosis, infant pneumonia, Covid-19, etc)
  • Detection of lesions or fractures, e.g. following an injury or accident
  • Detection of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • Assessment of the causes for joint or spinal pains
  • Etc.