GlobalDiagnostiX is general purpose stationary radiography system with reviewing capabilities to be used in a variety of medical imaging applications.

This unique all-in-one fully digital X-ray system allows medical staff to easily and safely acquire high-quality images without the need for sophisticated infrastructures. Its robust and rugged design allows it to work effectively and durably under the most challenging conditions (tropical climates, electrical instabilities, shocks, etc.). It offers the following main features:

  • high-quality direct digital image acquisition
  • comprehensive workstation implementing user-friendly interface, guidelines and tutorials, as well as DICOM images processing and viewing tools
  • internet connection allowing teleradiology and remote maintenance
  • fixed compact U-arm system with robust and ergonomic mechanical controls
  • integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) featuring energy stabilization, power reserve and surge protection
  • cutting-edge design including most recent technological and scientific knowledge (3 patent applications)

Pristem will provide Swiss quality radiology systems with advanced digital features, able to operate in challenging contexts with a very low total cost of ownership. The company will provide top-notch maintenance services and digital health services as an option.

More about the technology:

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