Crystal-clear medical imaging made easy, fast & robust

CristaliXTM is a novel proprietary technology of X-ray system and software designed to make high-end digital radiology extremely reliable, fast and easy in the most diverse environments.

The technology is designed to offer the fastest throughput, superior image quality and very low total cost of ownership, thus increasing drastically service quality and profitability of medical imaging centers.

Its advanced communication and integration capabilities make it extraordinarily adaptable to most situations and improve the whole radiology workflow, whether it be with local radiology systems from third parties or with cloud-based solutions.


CristaliX-T1 is general purpose stationary radiography system with reviewing capabilities to be used in a wide variety of medical imaging applications.

This unique all-in-one fully digital X-ray system allows medical staff to easily and safely acquire high-quality images without the need for sophisticated infrastructures.

Its robust and rugged design allows it to work effectively and durably, with no interruptions, even under challenging conditions (tropical climates, electrical instabilities, high workloads, rough handling, etc.).

CristaliXimaging SW

CristaliXimaging is a novel, proprietary and comprehensive radiology SW suite developed with the latest web-based technologies to offer:

  • Extremely user-friendly & intuitive graphical interface
  • Optimized workflows with preset programs and instructions
  • Multimedia tutorials & integrated guides helping operator to quickly place patient in optimal position and choose appropriate exposure parameters
  • Straightforward & efficient integration in any DICOM environments (local or Cloud-based)
  • Dedicated Remote Monitoring environment to remotely supervise both the technical status of the hardware and the usage statistics
  • Fully integrated, secure data management system for stand-alone operation (when no RIS/PACS available. Crash-proof, dual-disk data storage (2X 512Gb) can store more than 10’000 images and related studies’ data)
  • Virtual Terminal application provides web access to CristaliXimaging system’s data and DICOM viewer and share on any support

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